Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thinking About Things

So, what's been going on while I was out playing Florence Nightingale? Hmm, the MacArthur Maze is still screwed up, the experts are noticing that the price of gas is rising exponentially and might(!) reach $4 a gallon, another scare story about marijuana and schizophrenia (they eliminated the part about how the THC was administered by mainlining and then wonder at the results!), our least favorite prez of all time is getting ready to trip over his Cheney, I mean veto the Iraq spending bill (does anybody like the new ABC design?) despite the surge in troop and civilian deaths in Iraq, and this just in, breathing while black is detrimental to your lifestyle.

Oops, hell just froze over. Michelle Malkin and I agree on something. Maybe I should rethink my position. Nope, I still agree. Stand up and fight back, or it is just going to get worse.

Waah, waah, waah. She should go buy some shoes, maybe it will make her feel better. It worked before. That scowl makes her look like Worf's ancestor.

How about Chile Rellenos instead of tacos? Or maybe a combination? Either a way, it's a tasty idea and some college kid will probably turn in his friend for that kind of reward.

Nothing new here, move along.

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