Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What To Write

Yesterday was one of the most expletive deleted days I've had at work in a long time. It was so bad, that I've decided to go back into private practice. Never again will anyone ever use that tone of voice with me or I be forced to listen to crap just because I need the money. I'd rather starve.

Meanwhile, in other employment news, the Army has decided that soldiers need to clear personal emails with their superiors before being sent. No more descriptive nookie emails to the wife because they might contain something that might give some mythical enemy information it doesn't deserve. What the hell are we fighting for?

Why is the pressure on the Democrats? Why isn't it on the President and the Republican members of Congress to do what their constituents want? The people of America want the troops home. Period. They think that we aren't accomplishing anything in Iraq except destroying our military, our economy and our good standing in the world. Methinks that it is about time that the press, the so-called liberal media, does its job and reports the facts. All in the same article. This cherry picking of information to support a leader who has no intention of leading his people into anything but a fetid swamp of dismay, terror, carnage and violence, needs to stop before there is nothing left of the country worth fighting for. It is time for the crew without a clue to realize that the people have given them one and that they should follow it. Instead, their irrational beliefs are reinforced by the formerly independent Fourth Estate.

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