Monday, June 18, 2007

Avoiding The Obvious

Like quite a few bloggers, I am suffering from burnout. The same thing day after day except that the crimes become more obvious and the public less observant. So, I've been reading other people's comments to get an idea of how people are feeling and came across this insightful one from "trippin" over at Common Dreams..
This is precisely what this ludicrous immigration bill was intended to do: milk the working poor US citizen. And it’s expanding to the upper middle class. Besides importing slave labor from Mexico, this government (who is supposed to be working for us) pushes for increased H1B visas for skilled positions, provides incentives for exporting jobs overseas, and protects a runaway health care system.

These, coupled with astronomical housing costs, usurious homeowners insurance costs, gouging at the gas pump, an enormous deficit to fund an occupation without end, and endless tax breaks for the wealthy, and the picture is bleak for the middle class and working poor that have made America what it is today.

Either you’re a pig fornicating CEO in today’s America, or you ain’t. It’s really that simple.
Continuing in avoidance mode, I am really looking forward to the third season premiere of The Closer. Mom and I got caught up last week by way of Netflix, and we are really excited to get to watch Brenda and the crew solve another season of interesting stories. And unlike the Washington Post, it isn't just Breanda, all of the characters have fully defined personalities and their own little idiosyncrasies. I started watching because of J.K. Simmons and found out that G.W. Bailey has a great role as Provenza. I loved him in MASH and nothing has changed in all these years, he still cracks me up. And yes, Kyra Sedgwick (who I first noticed in Miss Rose White) is an awesome actress as well as beautiful.

Also from the Wa Po, we have the wonderful no-touching story. The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if students aren't going to be forced to wear uniforms, march to and from classes while singing the National Anthem and forced to participate in extremely structured activities so they will become obedient Americans. All in an effort to leave no child behind. Yup, these kids are going to have wonderful life skills, aren't they? Protected since birth, life really will be a series of hards knocks that they won't have a clue how to deal with.

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