Tuesday, June 19, 2007

War, Discrimination, Denial And Other Insignificant Issues

Throwing good money after bad and it didn't help a thing, what a surprise. Two of the ten most unstable countries in the world are Iraq and Afghanistan, the rest are in Africa. We've rearranged the deck chairs as many times as we can and the ship is still sinking. Let's hope we don't go down with it.

I'm around mentally disabled people every day and some of them who can't even tie their shoes, can tell you more about Iraq or the deficiencies of George Bush than some of the "normal" people that I deal with. Almost every one of them votes regularly and at first I thought they weren't competent enough to understand the issues. They have changed my mind. With what normals call an inability to comprehend more than one concept at a time, I call focus. They take that ability and learn everything on the ballot and can tell you why they are voting a particular way, which is more than I can say about most of my acquaintances or some of the more radical people on the right. And it is very difficult to influence their choices. Most of them are liberal, but one of them is a hardcore Republican and even he admits that he couldn't vote for George a second time. It makes one wish that everyone paid this much attention to the issues.

Tha ability of the Japanese to deny that many citizens of Nanking were raped and murdered continues to astonish me. They remind me of those who don't believe the Holocaust happened, no matter what evidence is presented. I guess when you consider people of other countries to be not as valuable as you it is easier to dismiss the rapes, deaths and destruction as cleaning up the neighborhood. I wonder what the revised version of Operation Iraqi Freedom will entail since we haven't been treated to the complete truth on anything since the current administration took office.

Do you have a problem with productivity and getting things done on time? Well, here is a list of GTDs to help you organize your life to the last nanosecond. For both Mac and Windoze. With names like Remember The Milk and FusionDesk, how can you resist?

Zap those superbugs right out of the air. In hospitals and rest homes that sounds like a good idea but it shouldn't be everywhere. A totally clean environment won't help healthy people to stimulate their immune systems.

Tiger has a cub. Sportswriters think they're funny, but congratulations are in order and highly doubt that he would be interested in a cigar. I do hope they call her Alexis instead of Sam, not that my opinion is important.

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