Thursday, July 19, 2007

Emmy's, Tivo And Health

I had to read three articles before I found out that in addition to Heroes being nominated for an Emmy, Masi Oka was also nominated in the Supporting Actor (Drama) category and even then it was on the second page. Amazing what an R&D director for George Lucas can do in his spare time. We'll overlook the comedy snub for the drama nod.

A new Tivo for $299 and it can record two shows at once? Yes please, there might be be a television traffic jam for a few weeks after the season starts.

Simvastatins (Zocor, Lipex) reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease by almost fifty percent but the method in which it accomplishes this is unclear. The other statins don't work as well though atovastatins (Lipitor, Torvast) did show some reduction in dementia.

I'm refusing to read anything about Harry Potter until I have the book. Mom and I aren't going to wait in line at midnight this year, we're going to get the book at Costco so I have to avoid quite a few sites right now. I shouldn't have to avoid the New York Times(no link, they should be ashamed of themselves) but they just couldn't resist trying to destroy the fun for everyone else. If only they had been a little more like this five years ago, we might not be in the debacle that is Iraq.


  1. You know...I went the route of building my own 'Media PC'. (I needed a server for music anyway). Put in a top flight video capture card got Beyond TV, but in the end I just didn't like the quality of the recorded broadcasts. So then I did the opposite: Got rid of the cable altogether and now get all my shows on Netflix.

    I'm much happier.

  2. There is also the Itunes option. It allowed me to watch Battlestar Galactica without giving Comcast more blood money.

    I like the cooking shows, Comedy Central and Jeopardy, mom likes those, Judge Judy, and the news. We use Netflix for everything else.

    I still want a Tivo, just in case.

  3. Sorry I didn't get back to this one for such a long time. But I'm so with you on the BG thing. Though I've also rented the DVDs (which look GREAT, BTW) I also own all the episodes from iTunes. Great for when I just want some mindless...yet terrific...SciFi. :-)