Friday, July 06, 2007

Geeks And Freaks

Firefox is prepping for its 3.0 release and released another alpha version, Gran Paradiso, on Tuesday. I think I'll wait for the release candidate. What I'm hoping they fix is the memory leak. It doesn't happen all the time but often enough that I notice it. Plus the activity monitor spikes to 100% and the program can be slow to respond, not quite the spinning beach ball of death but close. I can't figure out which extension might be making the problems worse since it isn't consistent, it was happening before the big crash. One of the extensions I find most useful is Back To Top, which I thought was stupid but turns out to be very useful so I'm keeping it.

Women talk more during arguments. Well, yeah. It isn't as if we can resort to violence every time we get angry. Do men and women talk the same amount? Let me get into major trouble here. Not in my experience. Men usually have specific reason for talking, such as sports, sex, their work, etc., things that are physically oriented or in the present. Women add to that list by talking about feelings and the future or the past. Plus the study was conducted on college students that volunteered, which skewed the results. Just saying.

Rats can learn to get along and help each other, why can't we? And why do some people think it is a sign of weakness to help your fellow man? It should be a survival skill.

As a kidnap plan it wasn't very wise, but when you're 10 and 12 it's hard to plan for every contingency.

I had always heard that history is written by the winners, I guess it can be rewritten later on by whoever is in power. Shameful.

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