Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jerks, Quirks And Clerks

What I've learned from the legal eagles at the Bush White House this week. Number one, if you are rich, male, white and have a ridiculous nickname for a grown man, it is okay to lie to the grand jury because the president will change his previous policies just for you and you won't have to serve the time that a poor, black male with a ridiculous name would. Number two, if you have ever worked for the president it is okay to defy a subpoena, they don't mean anything because loyalty is more important and the other side is wrong, so sayeth the White House.

The United States is rapidly coming up on a constitutional crisis that if the public actually paid attention, could end in a revolution. But since they won't and we don't, it is likely to be replaced in the news by some blond bimbo at the earliest opportunity. The funny (as in peculiar) thing, is that every time the story resurfaces in the press (unwillingly because it means they have to do their jobs, not repeat the daily press briefings), it becomes even more obvious that there was something going on that the public wasn't supposed to know.

The crew without a clue responsible for fixing the clueless intelligence agencies? Are you serious? Only if you want to end up with something like the KGB or the SS. Except they wouldn't be that competent in preventing terrorism from "over there" but the death, destruction and elimination of civil liberties for US citizens would be the same.

Sigh. Just when you think the incompetence can't get any worse, you find out it has spread from the crew without a clue to their financial cronies. Either way, the Iraq war has been well and truly botched.

Quick change of pace. Decision making seems to be difficult for some people. I won't go to lunch with a group of people unless the place has been picked beforehand because nobody can make a decision. After an hour of talking they usually end up going to the first place that was suggested and I'll be finishing my lunch as they walk in the door. I'm fond of saying "make a decision, any decision but make a decision." I've never understood what is so difficult about making up your mind under pressure. It may look to outsiders that I didn't think about it very long but the reality is that I focused all my attention on the problem without thinking of anything else and this helps me to come to a conclusion quickly. Then there is this method. My problem is that I know what I don't want better than I know what I do want. At what age does that change?

Gore Vidal may have intended to go solar but it reads like the DWP is making him go nuclear. As soon as they figure out to charge for sunlight, solar in the city will be allowed. Until then, tough catooties.

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