Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

The cheapest day to buy certain items has some good information and logical reasoning. The gas, grocery and eating out tips were quite helpful even though I know better than to buy gas on the weekends.

Our military is overstretched and overtaxed because they are busy protecting us from terrorists over there, meanwhile back in the USA one fourth of the jobs in Homeland Security remain unfilled, which might be a good thing in the long run since political appointees haven't demonstrated that they have the nation's best interests at heart, just our pockets. As in emptying, but I digress. Isn't anyone else sick of the constant yammering about national security and then finding out once again that our knickers are down around our ankles?

Time's 50 best websites is out, I hope it's better than last year's person of the year. The Polling Report looks interesting and StumbleUpon made the list as did NetVibes which makes a great homepage.

It's that flipping work thing again, so off I go. I have to do some template work when I get back, it seems that someone is changing their domain and it isn't me.

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  1. Sorry to blog-whore, but I've just issued a blogger's challenge that I would like you to consider.