Sunday, July 15, 2007

Opinions, Everyone Has One

OMG! When one is spewing inflammatory rhetoric, shouldn't one have to provide some facts, some sort of justification for declaring that liberals have spent the last forty years systematically limiting free speech and free think? Something besides imagining crashing a plus size, lesbian only, pool party at Rosie's? Not one instance does he provide, he's just whipping up the fervor in an effort to raise the religious ...base. And I distinctly remember a time in America when people weren't regularly forced to endure one group's interpretation of religion and the role it played in our former greatness.

My brain felt the need for a cool rinse after reading that garbage but then I ran into Bill Kristol's version of reality. Interesting perspective, he says so himself. According to him, Bush is going to be remembered as a successful president and Bill drags out a variety of so called successes to back up his imaginary conclusion. No second terrorist strike on US soil. Nice, but what about the first one and doesn't he still have a year and a half left in his elected term? Second, a strong economy. That's true if you were rich before Bush got into office. If you weren't, the McJobs aren't enough to keep their standard of living and many people are declaring bankruptcy and mortgages are being foreclosed. Where he gets the idea that we are on our way to a successful outcome in Iraq is hard to follow. As is his belief that Americans want more of the same from their next president.

Frank Luntz believes that it will be difficult for the GOP to retain the presidency, but that it can be done. It would require a perfect confluence of events so maybe one shouldn't count on it. A message of hope? How the heck are they going to do that? Now that the majority is waking up to the reality that their lives are all about work and the lack of reward that comes with it, it might be a little harder to convince them that more of the same will make their lives better.

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  1. You saw that, too, huh? I blogged about that clown. No, I didn't have to take him apart. I let the Wa PO's famous hyperlinked text do the rebuttals for me.