Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thoughts Before I Sleep

Mechanical Mardi Gras masks, what an apt description. Stephen Colbert cracks me up. I just had my eye exam last week and while my distance vision hadn't changed very much, the up close and personal needed quite a bit of help. But then I knew that already or else I wouldn't be there, now would I? I can no longer flip between watching television and typing on the laptop. Disorienting doesn't begin to describe the sensation.

Thank goodness somebody came to their senses. The Troy Davis case is one of the many reasons I don't approve of the death penalty and it is good to know that maybe now someone will listen to the majority of witnesses who have recanted their testimony citing police coercion. Too bad that the victim's widow just wants someone to die so it can be over, never mind that it never will or that the true murderer might never pay for his crime.

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