Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Foreclosures, Food And Health

Home foreclosures are up and almost 180,000 families are looking at serious credit ramifications as well as trying to find a new home. 93% over this time period last year, with Nevada, Georgia and Michigan leading the pack statistically but California has the most overall. Almost 165,000 suffered the same fate in June.

Food is the anchor point of my day. I can be eating breakfast and about three bites in, I'm thinking about what to cook for dinner. I like to pick my vegetable individually, that way I can control the quality as well as the amount. I prefer a butcher to prepackaged meats for the same reason and I'm willing to pay for it so food is a big part of my budget. I enjoy going out but I really enjoy cooking my own food and have been enjoying the green beans, tomatoes, herbs and serrano chiles from my garden. Cooking is relaxing for me and I can and do cook for one as well as cook for more. I enjoy every aspect of cooking, from planning to chopping to consuming. I don't usually consume more than a few bites, the pleasure for me is the experience. And the absolute utter control I have over the whole process doesn't hurt either.

Mom is becoming frailer and less sure of herself by the day. It is hard to watch the woman who never let anything stop her, be so tentative at everything. From walking to making any kind of decision by herself she is more like a toddler than an adult, frightened by the unusual and forgetful of the rules. The concept of gravity has always baffled her and lately it's worse. Seven years ago I changed my plans from opening a practice in Palm Springs to being stuck in the ugly that is knows as San Jose, because her neighbors were worried that she wasn't eating. Sometimes for days at a time even though she worked and was around people all the time. If I had known then what is suspected now, maybe I could have made more of a change to her diet in order to stave off the mental decline.

Another reason to have an iPhone. When I go grocery shopping I always have my iPod, phone, ATM card shopping list. I could be down to just the iPhone and the ATM card and next year it would probably be just the iPhone. Technology can be a wonderful thing. Sometimes.


  1. You're a good lady, Deb.
    If I ever win the lottery, I'll buy you an ipod first thing.
    Better not hold your breath, though. The ipod will probably be ancient technology before I win.

  2. Thank you. What I'm really going to need after she's gone is a vacation and then a life.