Friday, August 24, 2007

Health, Politics, Space And Scandal

A new way to combat high blood pressure. It's still going to involve drugs, but I wonder if the same thing could be accomplished with diet since they are targeting amino acids with a little hydrogen peroxide instead of nitric oxide in an attempt to activate protein kinase G (PKG). Supposedly this new mechanism will have a positive effect blood pressure. I wonder what the negative effects will be?

Wonkosphere is supposed to track trends in the blogosphere in regards to the eventually (but not soon enough, for several reasons) upcoming Presidential election and how well the candidates are doing in the fame game. For the record, I am a John Edwards fan. As much as I would love to see a woman or a black person in the White House, neither one of the current options would be my first choice.

For the second, and probably last, time in my life, Uranus is providing us with an edge on view. And wouldn't you know, things have changed. The rings are different from when V'ger Voyager went past in 1986. Imagine that. Of course we do have much better equipment now, which might be influencing some of the data.

Speaking of Star Trek, the new fan movie is out on the web. It stars George Takei and should be a hoot.

Looks like another Republican sex scandal. Unfortunately this one involves murder, suicide and the state of Florida. Florida is the place, not the reason. Guns and people are very rarely a good mix.

The wacky astronaut is back in the news again. She wants her bracelet off and for her statement to be eliminated. A 72 page statement means she was quite the chatty Kathy. She should have stuck with name, rank and serial number.

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  1. Heck I am starting to like Clinton but I do not think she can win. Too many people hate her.

    I think this country is too racist for Obama to win.

    Eating right cures many things.