Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning Musings

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a passion about space. It isn't just because it's the final frontier, it's our best hope for survival. Not just as a species, but as a vital contributor to the wonder that is the universe. Just as we are not alone in the universe, I am not alone in believing that expanding into space will be our salvation, the editor of Cosmos puts forth the rationale very eloquently.

Merv Griffin has passed away (must have been the editor's day off, two paragraphs are very strange and barely make sense). When I was a kid mom used to watch Merv and I enjoyed the guests but I will always be grateful for the creation of Jeopardy, my all time favorite game show. Rest in peace and thanks for the years of fun.

Tricky Dick trips over his own tongue. A video has surfaced of Shooter from 1994, explaining how and why invading Iraq would be a bad idea. That it would lead to a quagmire, that the amount of American dead (projected to be in the hundreds, not thousands like it is now) would not be worth it and that Iraq would break into several pieces. The only thing that has changed in the last thirteen years is that the situation on the ground is actually worse.

My relationship with my brothers has never been as good as it could be, the reasons are varied and everyone is pretty sure that they are right. I've always felt that it was a shame but there is absolutely no chance that I am ever going to live up to their expectations. As a friend of mine pointed out, I could become president of the US and would still be considered a failure that would never amount to anything. I gave up caring a while ago, except when it comes to taking care of mom. This is a responsibility that is mine and mine alone and I'm pretty tired. As mom has aged it becomes more difficult and consumes more of my life and all my resources. Every decision is based around my mom and not what is good for me. I accept this most days and studies show that others are in the same leaky boat. After mom is gone we will probably be one of the families that never speak again. It's a shame but it isn't unheard of.

The US has slipped to 42nd in the life expectancy ratings due to lack of universal health care, preventative services, obesity and a high rate of infant mortality. But we spend the most on health care, that should count for something.

JollyRoger nominated me for a Thoughtful Blogger Award and I appreciate it greatly. He must have a pretty cool sister to say such nice things about me.

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