Monday, September 03, 2007

How Does That Make You Feel?

Religion is faith-based and psychiatry is science-based? Science-based? Which of their own drugs are they taking? Most psychiatrists are more disturbed than their patients and aren't all that good at running their own lives. Just because one doesn't believe in God, doesn't make one's field science-based, it means one doesn't believe in God. If it gives a person comfort in times of trouble to believe in a deity, then you work with that. Forbidding psychiatric patients from reading the Bible is discrimination, which hasn't really been shown to be all that successful. Sort of like psychiatry.

I thought they weren't supposed to smile, but when you break 500 years of tradition the grins must be hard to keep to yourself. Congratulations Moira. Are you they aren't called Beefeaters because they like to drink gin?

I'm not contributing any money to any candidates, they'll be lucky if they get my vote, so I can understand why the Floridians might be a little upset. I wouldn't want to be used as an ATM either, but that has been California's role for the last few elections. Heck, sometimes they didn't even wait for us to vote before declaring a winner. Only our money mattered. Minority status sucks.

Like everything else the Bush administration does, the stepped up border checks are for show and to demonstrate who's got the power and that they know how to use it incompetently. It has nothing to do with security.

Don't you just hate it when people you don't like show up on your doorstep without warning? Then they try to tell you how to run your country, like they've done such a good job in their own home. Let the Iraqis run their country into the ground by themselves, we've done enough to get them started. Clueless and classless, that's our current President. He has to rely on bad manners because if anyone knew he was coming to town, they would have prepared a reception. With fireworks and everything.

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