Monday, September 17, 2007

Putting On The Tinfoil

Strange coincidence or a pattern? Jim Gray disappeared without a trace in January and Steve Fossett this past month. Science and technology have been of no help since both of them seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

If only this was true, we can use all the help in conserving, or generating in this case, energy. Somehow, I just don't see the energy companies welcoming this idea with open arms. Something about profits and how they won't be making as much. Meanwhile, the poor and elderly will continue freezing to death.

It isn't a movie with cute animals migrating en masse to avoid extinction, it is happening in real time and more importantly, during our lifetimes. Global warming can be seen almost everywhere but changes on the Chesapeake Bay show it quite clearly. Unfortunately, the animals at the poles are suffering as well. No happy feet there, nothing to tap on.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. How stupid can one person be? He didn't have the grace or dignity to slide off into oblivion, he had to do something so stupid that comedians will have jokes for years. He's so stupid that it's a good thing breathing is an automatic process. Absolutely the stupidest thing that's happened all year and there have been some pretty stupid things. At least he didn't drive around in a Bronco this time.

Robert Jordan passed away. I knew he was sick but I was hoping that it wouldn't end so soon. And just as I feared, he didn't finish the Wheel of Time series. You will be missed. It's been a sad week for my favorite authors. I hope Anne McCaffrey is doing well.

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