Sunday, October 21, 2007

Five Quickies

So Dumbledore is gay. Duh! If people didn't spend so much time thinking that being gay is about guys spending their days screwing everything in sight and realize that they are people just like everyone else who just happen to do something different in bed, the world would be a much better place. J.K. Rowling didn't hide anything in her books, there were several gay characters but you would have had to be paying attention. Plus, it was pretty obvious who Dumbledore had been in love with, she gave plenty of clues. Clif at Sadly, No! read some other sites so I didn't have to and wins the best blog title and post about the experience. Harry Potter and the Deathly Homos.

I question Pelosi's judgment on quite a few things and the Armenian debacle is just a blip in her failure to lead. From impeachment is off the table to Telecom Immunity and continuing to fund a war that the populace want to be over, her actions have reflected more of Bush's warped view of the world than the job she was elected to do. She isn't Speaker of the House, she is a puppet of the president. But then what did we really expect from someone who is two heartbeats away? Power corrupts.

Nation, once again our lack of humor is on display. Pat Paulsen didn't have to deal with the FEC, but Stephen Colbert does. He is just as much a viable candidate as anyone else and the people should have a chance to choose. I'm sorry I missed him on Meet The Press this morning.

Another administration case of the pot calling the kettle black. According to Cheney, Iran is an obstacle to world peace. This from the man that wants the world in pieces. He says he's concerned about countries respecting their neighbor's sovereignty. Now, that's almost funny. Serious consequences, I'll bet they are just shaking in their shoes.

I have issues with Iran and this is one of them. Misogyny. Hanging a 17 year old girl because she defended herself from three rapists is beyond the pale. It's bad enough that we treat rape victims like they are criminals or less than shining examples of purity, but at least we don't kill them. Going to war with Iran won't help this situation, it will just kill more innocent people. Kind of like Iraq

Update: This turned out to be an old case and has already been resolved. Happily. The underlying issue still remains and needs to be addressed by the Muslim community.


  1. Cheney Inc. is startin' up the ol' warwagon again, and that worries me in a "will it ever end" kinda way. While I am against any type of preemptive strikes against Iranians, many of their ways makes it really hard to like them. Their bone-deep insecurity and hatred of women is something they should be confronted with constantly! This shit is just beyond the pale. Our heehawing around with the Taliban in the '90's is unforgiveable.

  2. "Our heehawing around with the Taliban in the '90's is unforgiveable."
    Trog, maybe they were willing to give us a bigger piece of the action on the heroin/cocaine pipeline back then.