Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mission Unaccomplished

As Iraq stands down, Afghanistan steps up. Anyway you look at it, American troops are dying in record numbers in campaigns that supposedly had been won. As in declared victory, mission accomplished, that sort of thing. A sophisticated, coordinated ambush. What's up with that? And where is that Osama guy?

Then there are the injured and the reservists. Brought home and forgotten. Their lives shattered as well as their bodies, minds and spirits. A blip in the news for a few days and on to the next big scandal.

Ouch! And I thought I had a low opinion of the West Coast Lieberman, but someone called chastegoddess ventured this opinion after learning that our Demowienie "senator" was going to vote with the Republicans on telecom immunity.
Feinstein's recent votes are no surprise to me. I lived in San Francisco before, during and after her tenure as mayor, and I know from first-hand observation that she is one of the best politicians money can buy. That woman would put her own people back in concentration camps if she thought the Nazi vote would help her career or bank account.
Guantanamo by the numbers. With an average weight gain of 20 pounds, they are being fed very well. The other stats aren't as funny.

Swede Potato Soup with Fried Spaghetti Squash and Toasted Pepitas. Don't let the name fool you, it's a vegan soup. Made with rutabagas. One of these days I just might try it.

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  1. PURPLE FINGERS!!!!! EIGHT (or ten or eleven, depending on who's doing the spewing) MILLION VOTED!!!! FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY ARE ON THE MARCH!!!!!

    This has been your "Malkin Moment," brought to you by the makers of Oxy-Contin and the good people of Halliburton, operators of the Walter Reed Residential Infirmary and Wild Animal and Botanical Garden.