Sunday, November 25, 2007

One Sick Story After Another

Why do I do this to myself? Otherwise known as, the stupid, it burns. What the heck is wrong with people? Jeering at disabled veterans, accusing them of scaring children and thinking that just because you paid money your recreation time is more important than the rehabilitation time that soldiers need to regain some semblance of their lives? These women should be "named and shamed". Then they should be ostracized, just like they are trying to do to these unfortunate veterans.

And if the children are scared, maybe it will be an incentive for them not to go to war in the future.

Arrests for sex crimes are falling and have been for many years. Quite a few reasons are postulated, without ever mentioning the most logical one. Rape hasn't disappeared, too many high profile cases were more about the victim than the criminal and so women stopped reporting it. Since only children are innocent victims...

Our "friends" in Saudi Arabia handles their cases even more barbarically. The victim is punished along with the perpetrators. And if she protests, her sentence is increased and then she mysteriously confesses to committing adultery in the moments immediately before the rape. Convenient, but this is from a country that believes that a girl raped in her own home has brought dishonor to the family. Doesn't matter how old or young, whether strange men broke into the house, she is still at fault. Even when she's covered head to toe in concealing robes, she must have done something to lead them on.

The high cost of health care. I wanted to be a doctor at the age of three. I was hit by a car and this nice doctor sewed me up. When he walked into the room, everything got calm and I remember thinking "I want to do that". As I got older that dream never died. My dad refused to pay for my schooling because I actually wanted to help people, not just get rich. I have nothing against being rich, but I believe that a good doctor is one that cares about his patients more than he does his business. Because that is what medicine has become. A business. And like every business, everyone wants their cut. Even companies who literally do nothing but push paper. Lots of it and then they do their best to keep the lion's share for themselves. Heaven forbid that someone would want to get well.

This crap is just depressing. I'm going to go take the dogs to get their shots.

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