Friday, November 23, 2007

Spying, Lying And Trying

Color me not surprised. Welcome to the new world order. Just like the one Reagan supposedly got rid of in that other country that is also becoming more repressive. Who would have thought that what looked like progress on the civil rights front, that we would find new ways to return to the days of suspicion and control?

Fry's was a madhouse at 5 am, parking was a nightmare and had to be done a few blocks away. The trash these people left behind and the complete lack of manners was eye opening. Sure enough, the Mac ad was incorrect. There was no 20 inch iMac with a 2.4 GHz processor for $794, they had the Mac Mini for $594 instead. So, I bought the MX Revolution laser mouse and left. If they had had the Bluetooth iPod adapter, I would have bought the MotoRokr S9 headphones. Four hundred dollars in savings on a Mac was worth it for me to get up at five, otherwise I have the same opinion that Konagod does. A warm and toasty bed was a much better idea, but I was already up. But I won't be doing that again.

The Goldilocks method of pain control. A little doesn't work, too much increases pain and moderate amounts work quite well. Moderation, the key to a happy life.

Have you seen the list of the top fictional weapons of all time? The light saber isn't number one, but if you are a geek you will think that number one rocks. Let's shed a little light on the matter.

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