Saturday, December 15, 2007

Covering Up Illegal Activities

Trying to use the lame excuse of a Justice Department that hasn't accomplished anything but political hackery in the last seven years, the Bush administration doesn't want the judge to investigate the flagrant disregard of his orders regarding the destruction of the torture tapes, because it might interfere with the Congressional investigation that they are also trying to muzzle. But with stories like this, of course they want to keep it quiet.

Special Prosecutor, now that's funny. Considering everything that Bush and Cheney have gotten away with since coming into office, something tells me this is probably going to go the way of Fitzmas. Pffft!

The Bush squeeze play in action. Since their plan to Christianize the military isn't working out so well, now they want to control the promotions of military lawyers. They might as well come right out and say that everyone serves at the pleasure of the president, as long as they go along with the pogrom program. Politics, not competency is the hallmark of this administration. And taking care of the country takes a back seat to politics. Isn't that known as a dictatorship in other countries?

After several years of war, why do the troops need emergency funds? Shouldn't the war have been budgeted for or has it not worked out as planned?

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  1. Shame is upon this country like the smell of road kill.