Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Thoughts

Cookie Jill over at Skippy's place brought to my attention a travesty in my former back yard. It seems that Chevron has decided to try and raise the water rates approximately 138 percent and the residents of Casmalia were already paying almost 40 percent more than the rest of Santa Barbara County. Casmalia is a very small town with one of the greatest steak restaurants (you pick your steak and they cook it perfectly over some of the best oak wood) in the world. It's where my dad took me for my 18th birthday and once when I lived in Los Angeles, I drove up there for dinner and didn't stop to see my parents even though they were less than a mile away from the highway. I felt guilty both times I passed the house.

Corporations are abusing the power they have over the people. It's bad enough that they make obscene profits on the energy that they sell us consumers, but whoever thought it would be a good idea for them to control an essential service like water didn't have the best interests of the public in mind. If they ever learn to control the weather, we are all going to be sorry.

Suddenly It's Christmas the longest holiday.

Just watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer with mom. She loved it. Her reasoning for this made no sense at all, she says she doesn't remember the first (who does?) but when Michael Chiklis showed up as human (not The Thing) she said: The Commish? She can't remember to pick up her tray when getting her food so she constantly dumps her food on the floor, but she can add ten years, subtract weight and hair and recognize some actor from the 90's? Vascular dementia is very strange.

I hate being a tin foiler, but in the last few days we've had stories about laser gunships, now there is synthetic DNA and robots with attitude. Could a bad scifi future be in the cards if they all get together? Or will the dancing robots cancel it all out?

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