Friday, December 28, 2007

Supporting The Troops, Not!

Now if the Demowienies had any intelligence or cojones, they would jump all over veto #8. Ater all the radio addresses accusing the Demowienies of not sending him the Defense bill and that they were going to cause everything to come to a grinding halt and that they weren't supporting the troops, yada, yada, the Decider has decided to veto the Defense bill. Because Saddam Hussein's victims might have access to money in US banks. Are you kidding me?

What a flying load of bull excrement. Why not say that the toilet paper is wet or that it's a full moon, or perhaps something believable, like the truth.

The Bush administration has made a concerted effort, including screwing over its own injured citizens, to make sure that while Hussein was bad enough to start a war that has killed a million people, his victims deserve nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And neither do our troops. Which is probably closer to the truth than the pitiful excuse Bush just used.

Sleep on America, the illusion of a democracy will all be over soon.

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