Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tragedy, Stupidity And Envy

What part of You Know I'm No Good did people not understand? Rehab (you can see the hard living has taken its toll)was written in direct response to the last efforts to help her. Amy Winehouse is a troubled soul with a dynamite voice. The odds are she won't be long for this world and if I was her mother I would start making plans for her funeral while keeping in polite touch in case Amy comes to her senses. Oh, it looks like she's already doing that.

Even when the "intelligence community" was remade into some bizarre image of conservative competency, it still won't produce the "smoking gun" so Duck! Cheney can have his mushroom cloud. It isn't the job of the agencies to produce information that conforms to your plans, it's their job to produce accurate information that reflects the facts. Why conservatives are so anxious to get involved in another conflict that we won't finish, I'll never understand. It will only cost us time, troops, materials and what's left of our world image. Plus it will completely destroy what's left of the military. Which sounds like the point, even though they try to distract you with red herrings like Nancy Pelosi was at the meeting.

Do you like to compare yourself to other people and their perceived accomplishments? Then this site is for you. I quit doing it to myself when I realized that at the age of twelve that Michael Jackson was always going to have more money than me and that there had to be something more to life. It's still a bummer about the money.

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  1. ALL RIGHT! Now this is an accomplishment:

    At age 52:

    Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart had sex with a prostitute and was removed from the ministry.