Friday, January 11, 2008

Que Paso?

Once again the commenters at the ABC site show their true colors. Genarlow Wilson has been offered a scholarship to Morehouse University and some commenters believe that it sets a bad precedent and that it should be reserved for kids that work hard, don't use drugs, etc. All of which was a perfect description of him until he spent three years of his youth in prison for receiving a blow job (funny how people find this so offensive, unless they're getting one themselves) from an underage girl. Someone named AndreaB31 spews more hatred and ignorance in a square inch than some of the so called conservative sites. She says she's a Dem, but I don't believe her when stuff like this flows from her keyboard.
And he deserves this WHY????? He will be back in jail within 6 months....more than likely on a very serious charge. Now he feels entitled to everything. Thats all we need is one more thug running around with an entitlement chip on his shoulder.
Fortunately, Eleigh59 points out the racism hypocrisy behind the conviction, and quite elegantly I might add.
AndreaB31 Who in the world elected you to judge this young man a thug and what did he do to deserve that tag? As a Black 17yo teen, a sexual act was performed on him by a willing 15yo and he gets 10years in prison, Yet a 16yo White female on TV gets knocked up by her 19yo boyfriend and she gets a magazine cover and he gets a good ole boy pat on the back for a job well done. And here you label him a thug. By WHAT reasoning??????
Insurance companies overcharge and underpay. What a surprise that isn't.

I watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and like all pilots, it wasn't as good as it could have been but it was decent enough to want to see the rest of the season. Tim Goodman aka Crankypants doesn't see it the same way, but critics can be wrong. Summer Glau rocked and there is no way that this could be as bad as Bionic Woman. It's still not Firefly though.

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