Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rainy Thursday Thoughts

This is such a tragic story and it will never have a happy ending. Online bullying by a mob mentality is not a good thing. When I first started blogging, I left a comment on what I thought was a pretty reasonable conservative site. Within in minutes, I was called everything but human, realized that since the commenters had devolved into name calling and I never went back. Unfortunately, 13 year olds don't have the maturity to realize that when someone resorts to personal attacks, it means that they can't refute the original argument and that they aren't nice people. A 47 year old woman should be ashamed to have participated in, much less instigated, online bullying. Other than the death penalty, no penalty is too harsh for the adult who lead the pack.

John Kerry is a wimp, always has been and always will be. Now he's decided to back Obama. If the 2004 elections had been Edwards/Kerry instead of the other way around, this country wouldn't be in the mess that it is. His opinion means less than nothing to me and it shouldn't mean anything to anyone else. What a backstabbing tool. Not presidential at all, unless you are following in the footsteps of the Bush administration.

Blackwater. Hated the song and definitely not fond of the company. One of the things you are forced to endure in basic training is the tear gas room. It's supposedly to help you appreciate your gas mask but I think the drill instructors really enjoy watching the recruits suffer. There was this blond woman in our unit who was almost an albino. When we went through the exercise, she was incapacitated and if it hadn't started raining and washed off the tear gas, she would have had to go the hospital. She couldn't see, could hardly breathe and mucous was everywhere. That Blackwater could gas our troops at a checkpoint in the middle of a war zone is criminal behavior, not an accident. Methinks that there is more to this story.

I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a John Edwards fan. That being said, if I'm forced to choose between Obama and Hillary, gender will definitely top race for me. For many years I've said that people discriminate more against women than they do against blacks and women know this. This isn't a shocker, it's just the way the United States operates.

I have a cold and my voice is very husky, cracks and disappears every once in a while. That, combined with a little bit of rain, is making me want to disappear under the covers and check my eyelids for holes. I really hate being sick.


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