Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesday Morning Quickie

Isn't it nice to know that women are still considered property of their fathers, even after being married to a man for over three years? It is utterly fascinating to me that anyone would think that murdering a person in their sleep was going to make the situation better. Oh well, you can take the man out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the man.

It takes women longer to pay off their student loans than it does men. Duh! If women's starting wages are less than men with the same educational background, of course it will take them longer, but sixteen years versus eleven is a bit much. What good does it do a woman to excel in school if the guys who scored lower than her, makes more money? Oh yeah, she will at least be able to get a job, but not necessarily the one she really wants or one that pays as well. Still has to pay for that high priced education though.

Ooh, discrimination in medicine. Now there's a surprise. I had an episode with kidney stones and the nurse put me at the bottom of the pile, I spent fourteen hours in the waiting in the emergency room. The doctors took one look at me and shot me up with Toradol (a really strong NSAID) and not the Demerol they had given me with the first episode. Fortunately it worked and then I went to the Business Office and filed a formal complaint about the nurse. By the end of the week,, she was out of a job.

If someone wants to steal my identity, they are welcome to it. I'm so close to debtors prison that the only thing that they could do to my creidt, is to clean it up for them to use. Unfortunately for the criminals, as the ability to perpetrate identity theft increases, the people with good credit will be declaring bankruptcy due to medical bills and home foreclosures.

45 things you can learn online for free. My favorite is #25, I thought all you had to do was push the button or pull the lever.

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