Friday, February 15, 2008

They're Here

The truffles have arrived, yippee! Other than that, the move is sucking. The place still hasn't been painted, the floor isn't finished, the satellite guy doesn't have the pieces he needs, the refrigerator is due any minute and I'm supposed to be out of my current abode by 5 o'clock and nothing has been packed because there is no where to put it. Now I know why I never made the successful transition from military to civilian life. This would never, and I mean never as long as one troop was standing, would a job be done as half assed as this one was.

Plus, I think Jose skipped town and left me holding his $30K in bail bonds, so I'm a little depressed and very much scared.

Thank goodness for the truffles. Thank goodness for Minstrel Boy. Right now he is my savior.

Of course things could always be worse. This could be the beginning of my day instead of the almost the middle.



  1. $30,000.00? Even in Chimpy dollars, that's got to hurt :(

  2. I truly hope everything's working out ok for you. Even without all the extracurricular activities, moving sucks out loud!