Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hooterville, Chimpyville, What's The Difference?

80 years, YouTube and a United States press that can't be bothered to report the truth. It's so much easier to worry about whether or not Heather Mills got as much money as she deserved for being married to one of the Beatles. Or whether Brtiney should pay the lawyer fees for her ex-husband. Anything except how the realities of the sub-prime crisis are affecting those who've lost everything. People like you and me, not those "other" people. You know the ones the Republicans want you to think they are. The ones without education or are illegal aliens, welfare mommies or drug addicts. Nope, these people are melanin impaired, have all their teeth (at the moment) and used to have good paying jobs.

It will make O'Lielly feel so good to know that not one of these people admitted to being a veteran. As if that was important at this point. Ownership society, my ass.


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