Sunday, March 30, 2008

One, Two, Three, Four

How white of him. Why doesn't he just pat her on the head and offer a handkerchief? I honestly can't stand the man and the more time that passes and the more I learn about him, the less I like him. His attitude will ensure a Republican victory in November to an old man and a perfectly picked Veep choice. On the bright side, we can probably avoid martial law or a "surprise" terrorist attack.
"My attitude is that Senator Clinton can run as long as she wants," Obama told reporters in Johnstown, Pa. "Her name's on the ballot, and she is a fierce and formidable competitor, and she obviously believes that she would make the best nominee and the best president."
No, that was Edwards, but it's too late to fix that now.

When the sad number of 4000 was reached and breached, security contractors weren't included in the body count. With over 150,000 of them in Iraq to support our troops by getting paid more than the enlisted men they replaced, they have should be included in the dying also. They meet all of the qualifications. The first is being dead, followed by dying in Iraq doing jobs that the military doesn't have the manpower for. And their families have just as few answers as military kin do. Country Joe sang it best. Too bad Iraq doesn't rhyme with much.

My two favorite teams. The Cincinnati Reds and who's ever playing against the Dodgers. Especially when they win.

Just rewards only apply to the poor. Others when they screw up, get millions of dollars in stock options. Meanwhile, Bank of America continues to get every last dime in fees from those of us who don't have millions, and never will. Some of their customers are homeless because of the games that Countrywide played, but that's another issue, isn't it?


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