Thursday, March 06, 2008

You Don't Say

A transparent society only works when the balance of power is equal. In other words, watching the watcher watch you only works if you are able to prevent the watcher from using what he watched against you indiscriminately. No wonder everybody who isn't on some kind of watch list wants immunity.

Today I pick up my new phone and I'll find out if the echo is because of the crappy phone or if someone is listening in. I'm betting that it won't make a difference because I've been hearing the same clicks and echoes for the last three phones. And why yes, I do have Verizon.

Officials ignore the will (and the votes) of the people.

Eye contact? Or a new way for the narcissistic to be noticed? I wonder how long it will take for the usual suspects (Britney, Paris, Nicole, Pamela Sue, Jeremy Piven) to participate?

Home foreclosures hit a record high. Again. Unfortunately, records are also being set that include people who are falling behind on their payments. That cliff is getting awful close and the lemmings are headed there full speed ahead.

Umm, eff u? Or how about this oldie but goodie, we got ours we don't care about you?

If corporations such as subsidiaries of Halliburton manage not to pay Medicare or Social Security taxes, among others, what makes anyone think that they are going to use their part of the economic stimulus package here in the US? All that money is going to be spent and the US economy won't see a dime.

Gotta go, I have a 10 am meeting with a lawyer to declare bankruptcy while I qualify for Chapter 7. The ambulance bill was the last straw, so I'm going to try the preemptive strike strategy. Beat everyone else to the courtroom.


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