Sunday, April 20, 2008

All About The Benjamins

Some people are plainly delusional. The Iraq war has had no effect on our economic woes? Is he serious? I'm all for finding and punishing Osama been Forgotten but we aren't doing that. We are wasting lives and precious resources in our foolish pursuit of whatever this week's excuse for being there is and we have had to borrow billions to do it. Generations after us will be paying for the economic policies of the last eight years and we continue to run up the bill. Bailing out corporations is okay but helping the average American worker isn't. What is okay is to lower their hourly wage to levels that won't sustain a middle class. And the more money you try to save (if you're saving any), the more businesses will go out of business and even more people will be unemployed.

Mass murder on a global scale. Not bombs, gasses or bullets, just a lack of food. It's no longer known as starvation, it's called food insecurity. What's going to be insecure are governments who don't look out for the welfare of their people.

But they do look out for the welfare of the rich. The rich don't feel guilty about being rich, they feel guilty about being seen as rich. Of course their lavish lifestyles prevent them from hiding their largesse but I'm sure they'll find some way to justify it. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is an apt description of the direction we are headed.

Remember when doctors were rich? Heck, remember when you could get into see your doctor when you needed them? Doctor shortages are in our future. Our near future.

Happy day.

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