Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Not Fooling Around

Who says kids can't get along and plan ahead? Nine kids in Georgia were suspended for being in a plot to harm their teacher. They had a broken steak knife, toy handcuffs, tape and other assorted items to do the job. My question is this: How bad of a teacher do you have to be for a group of third graders otherwise known as eight year olds to plot to harm you? The commenters believe that God, discipline and better parenting would have prevented this, but for a group of eight year olds to plan anything this devious there had to be a triggering factor.

I don't like to carry a purse, they are usually too big and bulky and I don't understand why they have to match my shoes. I usually carry a wallet if I have pockets, otherwise it's just my ID, debit, cell and keys. I leave everything else at home or in the car until needed. Pepper spray and chapstick? Whatever, I think the trick here is to consider the source.

Besides an empty bank account, here are seven signs of pain you shouldn't ignore. Great, the first one up is the worst headache of your life. Which I've had for the last three weeks. Don't think it is an aneurysm, I think it's stress from the empty bank account, no job (got screwed royally by Jose and the landlord) and mom's mind continues to wander away. The pain in my back and shoulder are on the right side and I think it's because I have a rib out of place from all the coughing I did during last month's asthma attack. If I had money I would go see a chiro and get things snapped back into place.

In 1967 the Atlantic published an article about computer databases and erosion of civil liberties. Not quite 1984, but we're getting there.

A quick primer on the Middle East. Too bad the crew without a clue don't have something like this. And somebody really should give a copy to McCain, it might help him be less confused.

Unfortunately, this isn't an April Fools joke. The Red Army choir and the Leningrad Cowboys performing one my most hated songs. I was stationed in Alabama when the song came out and they played it on every station, from rock to classical and the country stations played it every hour on the hour. Just not this version.



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