Friday, April 25, 2008

Shades Of Rodney King

If the situation had been reversed, Sean Bell would have received the death penalty. Oops, he already did. The cops had no identification; fifty bullets flew in the darkness, 31 of which were fired by the same officer; the victims had no weapons and the cops still aren't at fault. Okey dokey.
Compared to most other big cities, New York police officers rarely fatally shoot anyone.
But when they do, the person is always melanin dominant and the cops are always found to be innocent. Then they close ranks and wave the flag.

Unfortunately, every time this happens, the next officer killed in the line of duty receives even less sympathy and more than one person will hope it is one of those who is guilty to everyone but the judge and those who believe that a badge and a gun are the ultimate authority.

I remember when I was taking the test for LAPD and my dad said they wouldn't take me because I wasn't violent enough. I didn't understand then, but I definitely understand now.


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