Thursday, May 01, 2008

Go Figure

Baby boomers are leaving California because it's too expensive to retire here and Hispanics prefer Texas to California because it's too expensive to live here. Proving that other regions of the country don't have a lock on prejudice, the commenters want to blame the Hispanics for the state's financial woes. Oh, and the taxes that they have to pay. I remember the seventies and the taxes were higher. Of course we had good roads and even better schools. Hmm, do you suppose there's a connection?

While people are enamored with the Time 100 Most Influential People (Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Oprah, Peter Gabriel, Mia Farrow and Andrea Agassi are listed under Heroes and Pioneers, not entertainers. Weird.), Electronic House has its Home Of The Year and the runners up available for viewing. They look a little different from my castle. To say the least.

This is so not right. Seven tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart but he's still dead. No Osama in return. No mission accomplished either in Iraq or Afghanistan and our military is so stretched we have to send our troops seven times in seven years. My condolences to Sgt. 1st Class David L. McDowell's family, may he rest in peace.

Considering the trillion dollars that have been wasted in Iraq, the six billion wasted on a stupid educational program that didn't work doesn't sound like much. Unless the goal is to turn teachers and students into unthinking automatons. Reading may be fundamental but math basics seem to escape this administration.


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