Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Won't Back Down

The never ending election disgusts and disheartens me. The news is pitiful, just pitiful. And depressing. Thousands of people have died in the last few weeks from Mother Nature's influence and they barely get air time, but some candidate stubbed a toe and our nation needs to kiss the boo boo or the world as we know it will come to an end. Now, if someone could prove that it was a terrorist plot for all those poor people who weren't contributing anything to the US economy to die, that would be front page news. With its own catchy phrase. And whatever happened to missing blond women? They must be with Osama been Forgotten since we haven't heard from any in a while.

My birthday is coming up next week and I have no way to celebrate and nothing to really celebrate. I'm usually happy that of all the people born on the same day, I'm still here. Now all I can think is BFD. I've given up so much to take care of my mom, that I never had a life and by the time she's gone, I won't have the energy to start one of my own.

I joke about how other people's grandkids are going to be responsible for paying off our generation's debt, but it really isn't funny, it's pathetic. I'm in pain, have no money for groceries (the garden won't be producing for a few more weeks) and I'm pretty sure that E does not mean enough on the gas gauge. I try to keep this song in the back of my head but it's getting harder every day.

Plus, they canceled New Amsterdam and a few other shows I enjoyed watching. The replacements look really boring. I am so tired.


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