Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Wouldn't Vote For Obama

If he was the only candidate running. Change. That's the biggest joke since the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner. This election cycle has been a mainstream farce, specializing in marginalizing the candidates that the people were interested in and forcing us to decide between three of the worst choices since the last two bad options in 2004. Does this mean I'm not voting? No, I'm just not voting for President. It isn't going to make a positive difference to this country no matter who we get stuck with. We moved from being a republic to a corporatacracy a long time ago. And for those who think the United States was or is a democracy, you need to take American Government 101 again.

But I doubt if they still offer it.



  1. Though she may not end up as the nominee, I want Senator Clinton to keep on pushing to the convention. No one should be able to use a withdrawal to impugn the future candidacy of a qualified woman. Will I vote for Obama? Sure, but Clinton's candidacy is the catalyst that will finally bring us a woman as president.

  2. The global neo-liberal movement has just about played itself out.

    Soon, the global third way movement will as well.

    Then, we will see change.
    As to what form that change might take, it is still uncertain.

    I shudder to think that, one day, we might look back on this all as The Good Old Days.

    There is hope yet, but a fool cannot be separated from his folly.

  3. I will vote for Obama. American history has examples of guys who were supposedly in the pockets of some big guy or other who then turned on their backers once they got in the saddle. Roosevelt. Truman. Even Lincoln, to a large degree.

    Hill simply cannot be trusted, after her Klanservative pandering. While I don't trust Barack much more than I trust Hill, he's at least striking some of the right notes. Better someone who will take us through the door than someone who will nail it totally shut.

  4. Better someone who will take us through the door than someone who will nail it totally shut.

    That's all well and good save for the fact that Obama's supporters are increasingly taking the attitude: "Drink the Obama Kook-aid or f*ck off!" A sure way to for us to have McCain as president. In fact, I'm sure the Republicans are counting on it. whit...I wrote one up on this very topic today.