Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Than A Little Tired Of All The Nonsense

I used to think that I despised Bush more than any other person on the planet. Just looking at him or worse yet, listening to him butcher the English language and I would invariably say "Gawd, I can't stand that man." Then Obama came along and while he may be articulate, my reaction is exactly the same. Now, ungrateful and extremely forgetful black leaders (or as they are known in my house, Phyllis Schafly in black drag) are threatening Clinton (wasn't my favorite candidate) with her Senatorial position (a job she has done most excellently) by saying she will need to heal racial wounds. Wounds that have been there for hundreds of years and are likely to remain for hundreds more. Eff you. How about all the sexist wounds Obama and his supporters have inflicted in their zeal to get an untried, and more than likely unqualified, black man elected to the highest office? All he has done is run for office, he hasn't served either his country (has McCain beat that horse to death yet?) or his constituency. The majority of people in this country are women and if you think that women will forgive and foret the crap that has been pulled, the 30 second sound bites pulled out of context, the focus on her hair, clothes or voice, or just the the sheer arrogance of men patting us on the head and telling us that things will be alright as soon as their candidate is elected, you are sadly mistaken. Since Obama is all rhetoric and no substance that I have ever seen demonstrated, he's the perfect replacement for Bush. Does he even vote unless it's something that might help him in the polls or does just being present count? And his wife's expressions are making the Klingon Representative look positively serene. Gawd, I honestly and truly can't stand the man. And nobody could have foreseen that, but only an idiot would think that there isn't a crazed assassin out there. One who doesn't like black people or women. People need to get a grip.

The crybaby party wails again. Once more Democrats are falsely (now there's a surprise) accused of encouraging big government. When Gray Davis was forced out of office there were only eight people on the government's dime that were making over 200,000 a year. Now there are over a 1000. And the number of people collecting over $100,000 has doubled. Everybody got a raise except for the people who needed it. But we must cut back on services, education and anything else that might help the poor. And in true Republican tradition, all the problems are being blamed on the Democrat before them, even though Schwarzenegger has been in power for over six years. Good grief, Republicans can't take responsibility for wetting their pants. They hold up the budget every year with ridiculous demands, mostly involving cuts to poor, sick or elderly people, and then blame it on the Democrats.

I wonder if he'll get a mention in Funk and Wagnall's. Rest in peace Mr. Martin, you brought me many hours of laughter when I was a kid. The news of the future is much bleaker.

I saw Indy and I liked it. Except for the running commentary on other subjects provided by the two year old behind me. I have to admit the audience was a little older than I'm used to seeing but that is no excuse to bring a young child and disturb everyone around you. I know I missed some of the best lines because of the chattering and the lady beside me would have gotten an usher if the movie hadn't been rocking and rolling from one adventure to the next. I might go see it again this morning. I prefer to pay $6 for the matinee as opposed to $10.25 for an evening show.



  1. And his wife's expressions are making the Klingon Representative look positively serene.

    That's a joke, right? Have you seen some of the things that Bill Clinton's wife has been saying?

    And while I think that some of the anti-Clinton attacks in the media have been sexist, I don't recall Obama making any sexist attacks on Clinton. There's certainly not been anything from him to rival the race baiting that Clinton has engaged in.

    The fact is, Clinton had a gigantic edge in this campaign, including name recognition, money, and organization. She had a 30-point lead in September. And she blew it. She didn't lose because the press was too nice to Obama, or because some shock jocks yelled "Iron my shirt!" at her, or because Obama somehow hypnotized more than half of the Democratic party. She lost because she's a weak candidate, and she was running against one of the most talented politicians of this generation.

    Oh yeah, and because she voted to go to war with Iraq.

  2. That does nothing to change the fact that Michele Obama's expressions rival Rice's in anger.

    One is allowed to dislike a candidate, or at least we used to before 2000.

  3. By the way, I was an Edwards supporter, not a Hillary one.