Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Quickie

Favorite blog post title of the week.  Deflator Mouse Pops The Obama Balloon.  The post was excellent as usual, but the title made me snicker for hours. 

If you like Jeopardy! and who doesn't, this site is for you.  They have archives of clues and questions and it's current.   Trivia heaven.

From the you have got to be kidding department and coming to your email inbox shortly, we have the Obama Death List.  The hardly ever right wing is so desperate to belive anything but the truth that they have concocted a list that attributes a murder to Obama at the grand old age of nine using the excuse that it was an initiation ritual because Islamists must spill the blood of another before age ten in order to prove their loyalty to Allah.  Really?  He cut a kid's head off at the age of nine?  Most of the people on the list don't even exist.   While there is no proof whatsoever that Obama attended a madrassa and killed someone, there is proof that the current First Lady caused the death of a classmate in 1963.  I'm not even voting for Obama and this is so over the top, that I just might.


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