Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What A Crock!

Only because they aren't looking in the right places.   This is just like when they redefined hunger as food insecurity.  In less than half a mile on Seventh Street in San Jose there are currently 11 motor homes or 5th wheels currently parked and being lived in.  Then there are the side streets with one or two vehicles that are also occupied.  In the Bush economy it is possible to have a job and not have a home or a drug problem.
“It affirms the very significant change in policy shift that took place over the in the last six years,” said Mr. Culhane, who studies homelessness trends and policy, of the decline in the numbers of chronically homeless. “We’re moving in the right direction, without a doubt.”
I'll just bet everything is going according to plan.  The plan to transfer everything of value from the have nots to the have mores.

I just want to be your stepping stone.  So much for the myth of serving the public.  It's always about the benjamins, isn't it?

Major tactical error.  He should have gone to see the troops by himself, they deserved it.  But then you would have to have spent some lonely time in a hospital bed to understand that.  CNN gets interviews and soundbites all the time, these guys are still suffering the initial shock of being wounded.

Great, just great.  275 minutes a week.

Why aren't Republicans looking for another candidate?  Melanoma of the head and face are the most fatal of skin cancers and McCain has had more than one occurrence.  Between this and his encroaching senility, the odds of him finishing his term as Senator, much less President, is seriously in doubt.

The Food Network, the one that used to show you how to cook but now mainly shows you people eating at places you can't get to, has replaced the disgraced Robert Irvine with the Giggler on Dinner Impossible.  Instead of letting the ripped off John Besh handle the duties, they are forcing Michael Symon down our throats.  Well, I'm not swallowing.  And I'm not watching either.  Bring back Robert Irvine or let Besh do it. Who cares if Irvine stretched his resume, he did the job he was hired to do.  If Symon is the Iron Chef for the week, I skip it and now it looks like Dinner Impossible has become Dinner Unwatchable.  The giggle and the soul patch are just the tip of the iceberg. I miss the old Food Network, the one that gave me ideas for dinner, not dining out.


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