Sunday, August 17, 2008

Critical Thinking Went To The Dogs

Pot calls the kettle black.  With absolutely no trace of irony. Or shame.

Good luck with that.  If the courts think that committing treason by outing a CIA operative is okay, they won't give a flying fig about politicizing the Justice Department.  This is what happens when everyone kowtows to a leader whose objective was to destabilize the government, remove the protections of the Constitution and install extremely conservative judeges to prevent undoing the changes.  Things are going to get much worse and may never get better in our lifetime.

I personally can't stand Obama, but requiring him to dumb down his rhetoric so the Wal-Mart voter will understand him says more about how far behind America has fallen in critical thinking than it does that Obama is an elitist.  At the rate we're going, in twenty years our Nobel prizes will disappear and all our new doctors will be from foreign lands who go to third world countries to get a little experience.  That would be us.

I was wondering how long that would take.  As if building cities in the desert was a brilliant idea with long term potential during a global warming cycle.  There have been some rumblings recently and now McCain has decided to apply the economic plan for the poor to the water supply in the western states. But in reverse.  Take from those who have and give it to those who don't.  Because in this instance, those who don't, have the money and need the water for their playgrounds.  Next thing you know, they'll suggest taking it from the headwaters and divert it around the states that the Colorado used to run through. 

Hoo boy!  The Gateway Pundit must be desperate if the opinion of a man with questionable sexual history can be seen as more patriotic than a presidential candidate because he got goosebumps when he held his Olympic uniform for the first time.  Wow!  And then he bags on the the commentator as a liberal tool for asking the questions.  It's funny how conveniently El Pundito and his commenters, forget that said commentator was very good at an American sport himself and was considered a hero by those who watched him play.  And unlike the person he was questioning, he doesn't pretend he's an amateur at a sport that he has been getting paid millions for the last 12 years. Dumb de dumb dumb.

Our day has come and gone.  As an acupuncturist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine I can say that yes, China is on the move and has every intention of dominating the world.  Both financially and power wise.  While Americans are content to think that history is last season's episode arc of Lost, the Chinese take the long view and include centuries of history in their decision making.  Then they plan for centuries in the future.  Unlike Americans whose idea of the future is January 20, 2009 and not much else.  The Chinese laugh at us because we like to wait until we're thirsty before we think about digging a well.  Or as our grandparents used to know it, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Which goes along with a penny saved is a penny earned.  Not borrowed.  From China.


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