Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dear John

What is it with politicians and their inability to keep their zippers closed?  After Gary Hart, how could you be so dumb?   I guess now we know why you dropped out of the presidential race so early.  Unless you are a Republican like McCain or Gingrich, being outed will derail a campaign.   You were probably hoping that the press wouldn't find out since they had proved incapable of researching the lies that led us into a war that you have admitted was wrong..  Surprise!  If you could admit you made a mistake about a vote that cost people their lives, why not admit you had messed up before it became a campaign issue?  For another candidate.

Along with most other people on the planet, let me express my disgust and displeasure at your actions and the sorrow it is causing the innocent members of your family.  As I'm sure you are well aware by now, you should be ashamed of yourself.   Did you think you were a Republican and could get away with it?

I know that Mark Foley's inappropriate behavior with male pages was glossed over and forgotten, that David Vitter's predilection for prostitutes and diapers has been forgiven and forgotten, and that Larry Craig's wide stance is considered more humorous than sexual, but you of all people should have known better.  The media loves nothing more than to run with a sex story, especially one that involves a candidate with expensive haircuts.  It saves them the hassle of reporting on stories that affect the country such as the Saddam forgery letter.  Or how bad the economy really is.

You were my preferred candidate, I thought the rest were pale imitations of a man with principles.  I hate when I'm proved wrong.  So, in the words of my friend L, don't let the doorknob hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.


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  1. It isn't so much that he had the affair as it is that he did something to that to his cancer-stricken wife. I don't know how you can be much crueler than that. Edwards is at the bottom of the septic tank, next to Newt and McCavein.

    The fact that Edwards did this when he did it is the important part, because it proves he has no empathy. McCavein (who threw out a wife after a horrible car accident) and Newt (who served divorce papers on his wife while she was taking chemo treatments) were, in my mind, the worst of the lot, and Edwards is about as bad as they are.

    As Edwards regrets (or says he regrets) his Iraq war vote, so I deeply regret my vote for him in 2004. I was wrong.