Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lazy Saturday Musings

I had occasion to use a very busy public restroom a few weeks ago, something I really hate to do, and finally understood something guys have been asking for years.  Why do women use so much toilet paper?  All around me you could hear the rolls spin.  Wheee!  I'm no Sheryl Crow, but unless I have to do more than blot, I only use two sheets.  They don't always use the best paper in these places and I don't like my fingers wet, but there is absolutely no reason to wrap your hand like it needs a bandage.  Just saying.  Sorry about the TMI.

Just finished The Race by Richard North Paterson.  The shenanigans behind running for President are more interesting in print than in real life.  At least until this "election".  First person he mentions as inspiration.  John McCain.  For being a POW.   Patterson wrote the book because he felt that politics as currently practiced are destroying America and the Republican Party is leading the way downhill.   It may have been fiction, but it was better than most of the reporting done by the established media.

Somebody needs to explain the definition of change to Obama.  Not that I was going to vote for him anyway, but Biden?  If McCain is smart enough to pick a woman this farce of an election is all but over.

Why do animals know what to with babies and humans have to be taught?  So much for those theories that animals can't reason the way humans do.

What's up with the weather?  It's the middle of August, it's a little after 9 in the morning and it is 61 degrees, overcast and windy.  Just like last year, I'm still waiting for summer.  In California.  Eight years ago we were roasting for most of the year (remember the blackouts?) and now we're lucky if we get two weeks over 90.  All year.  The tomatoes were growing well and now they are back on hold because the night time temperature just can't seem to make it above 59 degrees.

The tomato tart project.  All the ingredients except the tart.  I will make it from scratch next time, but I was intimidated and didn't have the correct pan.
And this is what we ate.  Pie crust was a little too crispy, so next time I will definitely make the tart.  It was still tasty as heck.  Yum!  And yes, the basil was from the garden also.
Next up, I'm going to try and pickle the hundred or so serranos that are making the leaves touch the ground.


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