Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Spoonful Of Sugar

Is supposed to help the medicine go down and the medicine must be pretty bad if the Democratic convention is any indication. 

I used to read about 182 feeds a day (can we say info junkie?) and geek that I am, I've been tracking my Google Reader Trends and can honestly say that in the past few weeks I've gone from a 100% reader completion rate down to less than 70%.  Which seems to reflect my attitude about the hype that most around the blogosphere lives for.  The same old stories, told over and over again.  Ad nauseum.  The only Olympics I watched were when I was at someone else's house and Michael Phelps was on for the few minutes I was there.  The same will probably hold true for the Demolympics and the Repubolympics the following week.  Almost like the Truman show except the buck never stops being passed around.    Though the pictures of our Commander in Chief trying to raise the roof or having to be helped from his seat by several men were pretty entertaining.

Fortunately the Dark Wraith (Ron Paul had the same reasoning of why Republicans should have voted for Kerry in 2004 and wasn't afraid to say so) published Ted Kennedy's speech (courtesy of YouTube) over at the Big Brass Blog so I didn't have to suffer through the constant inane twitter of the Dan Rather, Chet Huntley, Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley wannabes.  If today's"newsmen" had the talent of their predecessors, half their gravitas and any ability to research their own sources of information instead of reading a daily transcript handed to them from whichever contact person is in charge, we wouldn't be in the mess we are now.  Seriously, since when did an Obama child swinging the gavel and making the press corps laugh, become news?  Trust me, it's nowhere near the equivalent of JFK Jr saluting his father's casket as it went past.  Not even close.  And you can't make it so.

I tried to read the transcript of Michelle Obama's speech but found the reaction to be overhyped as well.  Letter perfect?   In whose language?  The Obamas are not the Second Coming and if the people who consistently ignored all the signs, portents, Katrina, extremely conservative Supreme Court judges, Executive Orders, an inept Attorney General, a politicized Justice Department, the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act until it was too late are now excited because they smell some sort of change in the air, they should check their diapers.  Because they are full of it.

Our country is in deep doodoo and instead of pointing out how, where, when, what, and why, we get...the promise of change.  No concrete plan, no pointing out the perpetrators of the country's downfall so people can see why there is going to be a difference between a Republican and a Democrat administration other than a somewhat historic black candidate.   Because there isn't one.  The Democrats enabled Bush and his crew without a clue and can't afford to point it out.  The Republicans won't miss that opportunity to point out the obvious next week.  Nope, instead we got a touchy feely opening, we are just like you speech.  I'm surprised she didn't say I feel your pain.

Obama has been so busy backpedaling, reversing promises he made to the progressives who helped him to get where he is, that he can't be trusted.  I don't believe a word he says, not that I ever really believe politicians.  For Obama, his FISA vote was an excellent example of him looking toward the future and making sure that there would be that much more power to grab than it was about standing up for the Fourth Amendment and what this country used to stand for.  There is not one guarantee other than his word that changes with the Republican wind, that we won't end up with more conservative judges and the elimination of the little that's left of the Bill of Rights.

Shirley Chisholm must be turning in her grave.



  1. Thanks for the links lately, Deb!

    I personally think of the conventions as Wankfest (D) and Wankfest (R). It's insane how everything has to grind to a halt for it.

    As for Obama, I'll volunteer some since there isn't anything else to donate time to but my money is reserved for issue advocacy. For the reasons you gave, the real work begins November 5th no matter who wins.


  2. There is one thing you must keep in mind.

    Obama is far more likely to appoint Judges who will do the right thing regarding FISA than the embalmed zombie is. It really does make a difference who wins this election.

    I'm not a rabid Barack fan myself, but I know he understands where I've been-just as surely as Johnny doesn't have a clue about it. That, by itself, is reason enough to throw a vote at Obama come November. And all of mthe reasons I've seen for not voting for Obama just don't add up to anything compelling.

  3. Ah yes, but I live in California and have the luxury of not voting for the lesser of two evils. We're solidly blue, ergo, my vote doesn't matter.

    Which is why I express my opinion. I am sick and tired of the whole election process. It never goes away. It restarts as soon as the next President is sworn in. I find it hard to believe that there are people who still haven't made up their minds or believe the party claptrap time after time. No matter how many times they are disappointed.

    Obama is perfectly capably of talking out both sides of his mouth and like most politicians, he can't be trusted. At this point all I want is for people to realize that these guys want to be President and once one of them has achieved the goal, the status quo is going to stay the same.

    The economy won't and as polarized as politics have become, the odds of either of them fulfilling their full term are pretty slim.

    I just heard Feinstein is thinking about running for Governor. I might have to leave the state :(

  4. And, if McCain does pick Palin, this will be a horse race. I've always said it was going to come down to the Veep choice. And I don't like Biden as much as I do Palin.