Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday News Blues

How can you tax something that no longer exists? People who believed that saving for retirement with a 401K have watched the steady decline of their investments in the train wreck that is the stock market. Over the last few months the value of their "investment" has decreased from fifty to seventy five percent and left them very little to retire on. At this point social security is the only stable plan for retirement in existence and the Republicans keep trying to destroy that too. For the small investor to believe they are going to make enough money in the stock market to retire on is like me going to the casino thinking that I will hit a royal flush and win the jackpot. Not likely under the best of circumstances but conservatives think that everyone should gamble with their money and the stock market fits that requirement. Unfortunately some people fell for the scheme and now that their 401K is worth next to nothing they have had to reenter the work force or delay their retirement by several years. And how the heck can Exxon Mobil's pension fund be underfunded by 1.4 billion when the company just posted record profits. Again.

His prerogative. Get over it. The right didn't seem to mind when Bush or McCain did the same thing. But with different newspapers.

Did she really mean to say this or was it a slip of the tongue?
"There is research going on, and my hope is that women are finally going to have some options when it comes to sexual disorder treatments," Kingsberg said. "Right now, there are very limited options, but I think it's coming."
Double standard? You betcha. If the threats had been about McCain, the plotters would have been charged and convicted immediately. But what can you expect from someone who got their job under suspect circumstances.

Typical. Stevens has his very own version of reality. If he was a black male who had robbed a candy store, he would be behind bars already.

Almost unbelievable, until you remember that the Air Force flew nuclear warheads over the US a few months ago and didn't know that either.


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