Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

According to Dana Perino all I have to do is get a job and everything will be A-OK.  Well, I am working and that hasn't helped us at all, but part time rarely does.  I wonder how much more I can take before I snap.   Wall Street gets bailed out, AIG gets bailed out so they can go to the spa and I, along with all the other commoners, get the shaft.

There are very few jobs that let you pick your own hours so I registered with all kinds of Mystery Shopping companies and have been running around like a crazy woman ever since.  Counting people at the movies, checking audience reactions to trailers (I've seen Eagle Eye four times and we won't won't mention the chihuahua movie), putting together standees (wingnuts are hard to deal with in the real world too), shopping at certain stores, evaluating banks (that 's how I found the credit union), and getting my oil changed (can we say reimbursement?).  And it was all was for naught.

The hits just keep on coming.  Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, they did.  It seems that the California Franchise Tax Board put a levy on my checking account this afternoon and it just so happens that my paycheck for taking care of mom was deposited this morning.  Not a dime is left in my account.  Not a penny either.  I am completely wiped out.  Plus, Bank of America now gets to charge me $35 each for the checks I wrote to pay the bills this morning after I checked my balance.  Talk about more bounce to the ounce.  Oh well, at least I have food stamps.  If only mom and I had a place to live after the first.

I find this almost funny since the state pays me too watch mom knowing full well that I don't earn enough to live in California and the only way they would have known where my checking account was, was because I signed up for direct deposit.  Stupid me.   Indian givers.  I guess they decided receiving was better than giving.  They didn't even send me a letter,  just let me be embarrassed when I tried to pay for my groceries at Costco.  Thank goodness I have a credit union account somewhere else, it was the only way I could pay for said goods.

Well, gotta go.  Mom just fell backwards trying to get into bed and it sounded pretty bad.  Hopefully she didn't crack her hip again like she did two months ago.

Update:  Nothing broken, she's asleep.  I asked her why she fell and she said she forgot how to walk.  She new her name and the date, but not her age.  She thought she was 49.  I hate seeing her this way and there don't seem to be any nursing homes in the area that she can afford.  She deserves better than this.  Alzheimer's really sucks.


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  1. Perino is such a condescending asshat.