Saturday, November 22, 2008

Protection, Depression And Tragedy

The economy is going to crash further if Bush doesn't put a sock in it and leave the job to someone with a little more intelligence.  If he hadn't been so busy protecting his buddies under the guise of "free trade" and had understood that he was supposed to protect all Americans, the U.S and the world wouldn't be in this mess.  And exactly who is this "we" Bush is babbling (after the last meeting he was referred to as "befuddled" and "down-at-the-ears" in an Egyptian newspaper) about?  Shouldn't one have to suffer (i.e. not flying around in private jets) or be poor to be included as a victim in the financial crisis?
"Recovering from the financial crisis is going to take time, but we'll recover, and in so doing begin a new era of prosperity," he said.
For whom?  Since most of us weren't included in the last "era of prosperity", why would we think the new one is going to be any different?

Congress seems to be suffering a little doom and gloom.  Somehow I just can't bring myself to feel sorry for them.  Perhaps if they had been doing their jobs all along they wouldn't be in such a panic now that the reality is finally dawning on them that their constituents are in a world of hurt.

It's that day again.  Every year fewer people remember.  Or care.  45 years ago today I was complaining because I couldn't find any cartoons on television and didn't understand what was so important about somebody being shot and why everybody was crying and saying "no, no, nooo).  Whatever it takes, please, please, don't let it happen again in my lifetime.  We have no more innocence to lose and tragedy is not a good way to run a country.  The reaction to September 11 should have taught us that.

Strike two.  While there are a handful of big stars making big bucks, the rank and file falls into the have not category.  Maybe if the production companies didn't waste so much money on repetitive advertising and perks for the people on top, they would have enough money to pay the little guy who does the brunt of the work and still keep a reasonable profit.  The Dark Knight has made almost half a billion dollars and if it can't show a profit then maybe the production companies are doing something wrong.



  1. I read someplace that the high cost of tickets is almost entirely to cover the cost of star, producer, and director salaries.

    Hey, that's not unlike GM, is it?

    How are things going?

  2. The Dark Knight has made almost half a billion dollars

    That steamin' turd made a half-a-billion?! There is something very wrong with the industry, and it isn't just ticket prices.