Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pride Goeth Before A Fall

It's Sunday and I couldn't resist using the title.  I'm not known for using ghetto jargon but this time I can't resist.  Nigga pleez! Did I spell that right? It isn't my normal language.

For eight years I've been asking how dumb the crew without a clue thought Americans were.  And everyday reveals even more stupidity. Well, we weren't born this morning, we didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday and some of us were able to count all the train tracks, left and right turns and the bridges that fell down to get us to this point.  And by the way, Iraqis didn't want him to come over for a hello or goodbye visit.

Add to the fact that the report was never published  about the corruption in Iraq, just like every other report that Bush and Cheney have swept under the Presidential seal because they truly believe that our ignorance is bliss and theirs is by divine right and you have a Presidency that is more inept than anybody who lived through the Nixon years would ever thought could be worse. Obviously they didn't want Joe the Plumber to know how badly they had screwed up the clusterf*ck that is known as Operation Iraqi Freedom, aka Mission Accomplished, which is turning out to be the fruitcake everyone passes around at Christmas  hoping to never see again.  For a group of idiots determined not to relive the debacle of the Vietnam War, they've managed to repeat everything except the napalming of innocent citizens.  And I'm pretty sure that story will come out eventually. They haven't missed anything else so far so why should that be an exception.?

Have you noticed how the immigrant problem hasn't been in the news as much?  How can there be a problem when even people from impoverished countries don't consider America as a place of pride where you can improve your families lives by pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.  Not only do we no longer make boots in this country, we use Velcro because the people in charge think that the average citizen might find that bootstraps are too difficult to operate and besides some of those people not on game shows just might make a success of themselves and that can't be allowed to happen under any circumstances.  If Americans start filling in the dots, crossing the t's and dotting the i's, the curtain is going to come off the whole shebang and all the people of Emerald City will see that it was just a group of inept puppet pulling the wrong strings.

Meanwhile we have 36 more days of revelations.  Not eight days of lights or twelve days of Christmas or the couple of days of that Kwanzaa thing I don't understand the purpose of. No, not even the kind from the last chapter of the Bible where the world comes to an end and only the good people go to heaven that the crew without a clue has been so earnestly working for. These are the kind of news stories that should make you want to make to pull your head out of the sand and cry tears of pain that our country has fallen so far from its ideals

You remember the ideals our forefathers fought for don't you?  Freedom from tyranny, security in one's own home, a whole bunchh of others that have disappeared and the ability to work for a living that would support your whole family instead of the whole family trying to support the one room travel trailer that is all that is left of their years of hard work and expensive schooling.  That kind of thing.

It isn't so much that our pride in being Americans is losing its luster, it's that now we have to depend on other countries to give us our buffing.  We'd just better hope they decide to use aluminum oxide grade instead of ceramic  or we can forget sitting down for a very long while.


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