Thursday, February 19, 2009

American History

It is frightening to me how many people who have served in government wouldn't be able to pass my high school American Government class.  From the idiocy that is Michele (we're running out of rich people in this country) Bachmann to the sinisterness of Karl Rove, the dumbing down of political discourse continues.   Mr. Rove worries about President Obama's reputation for competence because the White House only suggested $200 billion of the stimulus plan instead of line by line requests.  I guess he missed the part in civics class about it being the House's job to initiate revenue bills.  Something about them being more representative of the people since they have a smaller constituency and are more likely to understand what the people who elected them need.

While the Democrats may have tax problems, as if Republicans haven't done the same things, the Republicans have a sex problem.  They rail about homosexuality being being immoral while indulging in the same activities behind closed doors.  Or stalls.  And that shows more of a lack of judgment than not paying the taxes that Republicans are always trying to cut. And is Mr. Rove really trying to convice people that Bush didn't wing it on a daily basis?  On second thought he might not have if The Pet Goat being upside down is any indication.  Man, that's hard to watch.


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