Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rich, Bitch And Snitch

Now even the rich are whining.  Three pages worth and it's hard to read without realizing how clueless some people are.  I understand the principle, but it's hard for me to feel much sympathy since even they admit that they can afford to live there.
That's tough to do when you live in a place where the board of the country club recently approved a plan to spend $60 million in upgrades. That has caused some tenants, like Goodwin, whose annual expenses run to $80,000 for a 720-square-foot, or 67-square-meter, home, to put his property up for sale.

"It was a grandiose program that went directly into the eye of the storm," he said. "I used to be rich and by American standards, I still am. But now it is a time for people like me to hunker down."
I can almost hear tiny violins in the background.

Is Gaza like the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi occupation?  Professor Levine offers a multitude of reasons why they are similar and one on why they are not and determines that they are not the same because not a high percentage of enough Palestinians have been killed.  Not that Mr. Levine cared when the 200,000 Rwandans were dying but they are useful now.  And here all this time I thought I was good at rationalizing anything.  Politicide, genocide, they're two sides of the same coin.  Either way it falls the Palestinians will never have anything but a below third rate status and the world will continue to watch and do nothing except say "stop that." Until it's too late.

Speaking of rationalizing, Kathleen Pender thinks the job cuts announced this month should be put into perspective.  That it isn't really that bad when you look at the percentages.  Maybe she should sit outside some of the major retailers and see how full the parking lots and the baskets that come out of them, aren't.

Two weeks after a fellow officer shot an unarmed, handcuffed, lying face down on the cement, man in the back the story is that the victim was trying to kick him in the nuts so that's why he hit him in the head and then had him in the position so his fellow officer could use what he now swears he thought was his taser to shoot a man who was already subdued.   They are trying this case in the media and just like with rape victims they are trying to use the victim's past against them.  And the cop who did the shooting has been granted bail.  It might be $3 million but it still brings to mind an interesting question.  Why do cops get granted bail at all?  If I committed murder I wouldn't be granted bail and neither would anyone else I know.  Being rich has its advantages also, just ask Phil Spector.  Yup, she walked in the door of his mansion where she had never been before, grabbed his gun and committed suicide.  Next thing you know I'll be believing in fairy godmothers.

So Michael Phelps likes to get stoned when he isn't competing.  There is nothing wrong with that since in no way is pot a performance enhancing drug, but you shouldn't let people take photos of you hitting the bong.  And to the person who did it for the money, shame on you!


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