Monday, February 23, 2009

Waah, Waah, Waah

She can believe whatever she wants but just like every other Republican taking the blame herself is not an option.  It's always someone else's fault with "those people".  Maybe if Palin hadn't said so many obviously stupid things, the media wouldn't have made such an issue of them.  She can't see Russia from her front door, she didn't have the vaguest idea of what the Vice President job was and she butchered the English language at every opportunity, just to name a few.  Tina Fey did her image more harm than Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric combined.  Like any good caricature the skits were based on the truth, the sad part was that they didn't have to change anything she said to get a laugh.  Glasses, hair and twang were all that were needed as they repeated verbatim her latest verbal faux pas.  If you can't stand the heat, get out of politics.  And yes, unbalanced media is a threat to democracy, the last eight years proved that.

Speaking of biased media, in their latest hatchet job CNN never mentions that it was the Republicans who refused to cooperate and that Obama did try to include them in the stimulus process.  They decided not to participate and then decried the lack of bipartisanship.  Through the eight years of the recent Bush presidency the Democrats, unfortunately, never voted lockstep against any of his proposals.  Seven Democrats in the House voted against the stimulus and I don't hear them crying about being left out in the cold.  Funny how the people who voted against the stimulus are all too willing to take the money.  Republicans, always willing to take not so willing to give.

I'm not particularly fond of quite a few of the recent Supreme Court Decisions but this proposal sounds messy and removes the judicial branch from its coequal status.  The not subtle dig at Justice Ginsburg sounds like it came straight from Senator Bunning's office.


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